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Resolution for viewing video center recordings on iOS devices

Question asked by lester.lim on Feb 6, 2016

When trying to view video center recordings (via embed code posted on a web page or a direct link to the video or channel) only shows the 1st hour of the recording if the recording is longer than 1 hour on iOS devices. 


Lifesize technical support advised on a resolution for this:  "Confirm if they have created a stream for the iPad/iPhone by going to the video edit properties page and clicking on "Manage video formats." The stream for PCs is split into multiple segments that are usually an hour long. If the user has not created a version specifically for iOS devices, we can only show the first segment of the main video. The video will not play after an hour or after a change in resolution. Presentation will also be missing if the mobile version is not created. The mobile formats can also be added to the recording key properties so that they don't have to edit the videos each time." It is also possible to add a mobile stream after a recording has been made:  "When viewing a video from VC, click on Edit Properties, then Manage Video Formats. Select additional formats for VC to create streams of and it will work on that task and provide them when complete. It may take an extended time period for the additional streams to become available depending on duration and server load when you task it."