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Lifesize Icon or Lifesize Cloud application

Question asked by jmendenhall on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by maurice.van.hees

We are expanding our business globally. We currently have several Lifesize Icon units, 2-3 per office in the US and Canada. We are all hooked up with Lifesize Cloud.


We are now expanding into additional countries, like Brazil, Australia, Ireland, and the UK.


We set up the remote offices with Lifesize Cloud application accounts, fully licensed and guests, since that was a quick easy add.


We assumed they would all want the Lifesize Icon units, since they have higher quality video and audio.


We are being asked why they should get a Lifesize Icon unit, when the Lifesize Cloud application accounts are so easy to use.


Other than the higher quality reasons, what other reasons do you all have for going with a Lifesize Icon unit (or other compatible hardware) over a Lifesize Cloud application setup?


Are there other discussion points we can share to help us make an informed decision?


Thank you in advance for your insight and advice.