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Lifesize Cloud directory : Button to remove video system from user account needs an alert message

Question asked by julian on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by julian



In the lifesize cloud directory, when clicking on a video system entry the window below appears (hereunder for an xpress220).

As you can see there's a little red cross on the top right, you may want to click on it to close the window but the purpose of this red cross is to remove the video system from the user account which is an invasive operation. (To close the window, "Cancel" is the right choice)


Q1) Would it be possible to have an alert message when clicking on it, kind of  "Warning, you are about to remove the video system from this user account" as it is very tempting to click on this cross to close the window?


Q2) What is the process to re-attach a video system to a user account? Is it possible from the manage.lifesizecloud portal or shall we perform the pairing process from scratch?


Many thanks