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Problems with new updates platforms uvc 1150 and 3350

Question asked by wernerts on Feb 20, 2016

I come here to contribute a little to the users and developers of lifesize platform Uvc 1150 and 3350, in version 3.0 has been updated ClearSea application to Version 5.0.14, but this came with the following error;


The Active Directory users who have not logged-in ClearSea and for log and need to add the manually user in ClearSea if it is not registered even by entering the username and correct password.


And LDAP authentication is working this because when performing the test in plaftorm can locate users and groups in our Active Director in addition to be able to import any users.


In the version 3.1 Lifesize UVC ClearSea Version 5.0.14 Authentication of new users already has another mistake is just connecting and you can not log in until this is registered in ClearSea.


Another important point in these updates was disabling the gatekeeper Access which for me is extremely important, because it can manage excellently the direction of calls.


The lifesize asks to work with gatekeeper using ClearSea, but it can not play the role of access, one example is with active access is easier for users using ClearSea client make calls to certain meetings sufficed call idreuniao @ IP_do_Access, already using ClearSea playing the role of access the user should call the virtual operatorâ and after choosing the meeting you want to go, this also happens to endpoints.


I want to make clear that my intention reporting this problem is that team of developers to fix in the next update.