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Issues with Lifesize cloud

Question asked by Expert on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by jduncan

Good afternoon,


We have a client with cloud enterprise 500 users (Outsystems) and we discover two bugs that should be solved ASAP.


1- If a new user receive an invitation to create his new cloud account, we discover that after the creation of is account if he makes forward of the email with the invitation to anyone, the new person could also create a new account without the permission of the admin users.


2- Standard users can also invite new users to the cloud account, that should not happen. we test it and that happens.

Like this they are "Killing" users licenses that are only for certain employees. Only admin users should have permission to make this.


Can someone help me on this issues ASAP?


Many thanks


Jorge Fragoso

Lifesize Portugal