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calling to the cloud service ?

Question asked by chang on Mar 8, 2016

Hi All,


I've the following question, maybe someone knows the answer?

Lets say, we have 4 VC connections to the life-size cloud service


   a.) A User in Thailand connect as client to a conference to USA )

   b.) A user in south Thailand joins the meeting and ask to connect (Netherland)

   c.) A user in Australia  connect (Hongkong)

   d.) A user in France asked to connect to (Melbourne)



What is the logic here? just pure load-balancing ? It would be better to connect let say from Thailand to Singapore

and if a user from Australia joins, the better choose would properly connecting to Melbourne and not to Hongkong, how this decision is being made, where, to which location a user connects to?


How I can connect always to the same IP/Server?


Thanks for helping again,