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Camera Off / Voice call

Question asked by bmartins on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by kpinkham

Today I had a meeting where one of the participants (first one to call me) joined as guest using the PSTN number. My camera went off and other video callers participants that I added afterwards couldn't see me.

After that meeting I decided to run more tests to see if was an one time thing or an actual issue and the situation was the same.

If a voice caller is the first guest to call a lifesize desktop app, the camera goes off and you will have to end the conference if you want to turn it on again. However if a video caller is the first guest to join your conference and afterwards a voice caller joins in, your camera stays on and everything and good and beautiful.


Is anybody else having the same issue?

Is that a well know problem and is already been addressed?


Thank you.

Bruno Martins