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How to create PtP call statistics from ClearSea CDR

Question asked by gpapp Partner on Apr 22, 2016

Hello Community,


We have to provide an easy way for our customer to create call statistics for multipoint and point-to-point calls. Multipoint is quite obvious, since we have the logs on the UVC multipoint server which contains the required details. However it is a bit more complex when it comes to create the PtP call statistics.


  • Usually we analyze CDR logs of previous months, but ClearSea only stores records for the last 30days, so on the first week of a specific month when we used to create statistics from other servers we just do not have the CDRs of the first couple of days from previous month.
  • CDR files are split to days so first we heve to merge everything before processing. It would be quite useful to be able to specify rotation of the CDR logs on the server.
  • Since Icons and ClearSea clients are integrated with the server PtP calls and Multipoint calls are also visible in the logs, however PtP calls can be extended to MCU and back and I am not really sure how it is indicated in the logs. Does it mean a new call ID?


I logically tried to find out something so removed the lines containing UVC Multipoint as the caller/callee or have 0 minues duration (failed calls), but the remaining details did not seem to be consistant. After these changes I expect having inbound and outbound call pairs (normal PtP calls only), plus some additional lines which could be either beginning or end of a multipoint call where there are only 2 connections, but I am not really sure how these calls should be identified.


Any suggestion is appreciated.