Public Facing BETA : Lifesize Web App for Internet Explorer 11

Discussion created by rmaloney Employee on Apr 26, 2016
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Interested in joining the IE11 Web App Beta testing community. Your assistance will help us immensely to identify issues that must be fixed prior to commercial release.


Here’s what we need you to do to sign up:

Opt-in on the super secret beta channel of the community. Once approved you will then have instructions on how to access the IE11 Web App.


Use the IE11 Web App to make multiple calls. Explore the interface thoroughly and determine for yourself if the functionality is solid and the interaction and flow make sense.


Keep in mind this is an opt-in program and that the beta release is NOT supported.

Before you opt-in please understand that you will find bugs.


Thank you!

- The Lifesize Web App Team


Opt-in to become a beta user for the Web App on Internet Explorer 11