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Fixed Layout in UVC Multipoint

Question asked by chandreshbhatt Partner on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by chandreshbhatt

We are installing Lifesize UVC server 3380 hardware with multipoint and clearsea application enabled in it. While doing on-demand conference with 5 five participants we are selecting layout of five participants(active speaker on big screen and below that four participants in a row in small windows. Such conference works fine and speakers gets changed as per voice activation features.

But customer requirement in somewhat different. They want one participant always on bigger screen and remaining four should be below big screen in small windows without voice activation. We are changing speaker order off to cancel voice activation in the conference but somehow not able to get required layout. Also, four participants in small window in row should be able to rearrange.Such layout should be visible to all five sites connected.


Please find attached slide for reference.


Can anyone help to get such layout in UVC mulitpoint,Please share process to achieve such layout if possible.