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Issues with lifesize cloud app on android and IOS

Question asked by Expert on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by mcook

We found some issues on android phones and IOS phones with cloud app.


On android phones, if the app is minimized the phone rings but when we unlock the phone, dont appear the cloud app open on the screen or any message that cloud is ringing. Will this issue be solved in the next release?


On IOS Phones, if the app is minimized and before we used the cloud on it for one time the message appear on the screen and he have the chance to pick up the call. But if we have the app minimized and we didnt use the app on it one time for example, the cloud app rings, appear the msg on the screen and asks for the logon again on the cloud, and we lose the phone call. this issue be solved in the next release?


Many thanks

Jorge Fragoso