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How do I fix the Lifesize Cloud iOS App?

Question asked by on May 5, 2016

Greetings all,

Recently it has come to my attention that there is a problem with the Lifesize Cloud iOS App that doesn't appear to exist in the Lifesize Cloud Android App. Allow me to provide some details -

1. Our company has one Lifesize Icon 400 and three Lifesize Icon 600s connected to a Cloud Core 10 Subscription.

2. We have gone through the initial configuration successfully on three devices and will be performing the fourth next week.

3. During initial configuration, we paired each Icon with an email address to make dialing into the Icon from a Guest Device much easier.

4. Dialing as a Guest from an Android Lifesize Cloud app using the email address as the dial string works perfectly fine.

5. Dialing as a Guest from an iOS Lifesize Cloud app using the email address as the dial string produces an immediate error in red lettering that says, "We were unable to contact the server." (as seen in the attachment)

6. I've tried dialing that way from the iOS device on both cellular and the wifi connection of the network that the Icons are on; both produced the same error.

7. Dialing to the Icon as a guest from an iOS device using the seven digit string (a.k.a., works fine; however, the point of adding the email address to each Icon was for ease of use and and remembrance. That, and in case we ever have to factory default any of the Icons again, the seven digit string changes.


What are your thoughts? I have had a support ticket open since yesterday but haven't gotten very far, and I was curious if others are seeing this issue.