Starleaf - Anti-Spam

Discussion created by benh Partner on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by benh

StarLeaf have recently updated their portal, since the update my Lifesize ICON was not able to receive calls from Starleaf users.


It appears since the recent StarLeaf portal upgrade, the Starleaf Vendor iD is 19456, which is not in the default Lifesize
Anti-Spam vendor list.


Adding Vendor iD 19456 resolved the issue and my ICON can now receive Starleaf user calls.


I’m unsure on the protocol of who to advise for the LifeSize default list to incorporate the current Starleaf Vendor id.


Regardless, for now, adding 19456 to the Anti-Spam Vendor support list overcomes the current issue regarding receiving calls from StarLeaf users.