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automated video upload to UVC video center

Question asked by fkettel Expert on May 12, 2016
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hi everyone!


we ran into some problems trying to automate some video uploads to uvc video center via api.

maybe one of you has encountered same or similar behaiviour and might be able and willing to help us out here


=> Goal: Upload of a video file via HTTP(S) into UVC VC with mapping to an associated channel



=> Problem:


According to the API the following CURL-command should work:


curl -k -X POST -F "name=**" -F "description=**" -F file="**" -F "channel=**" -F "author=**" -F "viewers=**" -F "viewer_groups=**" -F "is_public=false" https://<FQDN>/api/v1/recordings\?access_token=**


( ** = Wildcards)

When the command is executed with the according parameters and the current token, weg et the following response: "Page does not exist".


=> API of the UVC: https://<FQDN>/api/v1/


=>     Where we may start with bug fixing?

            We guess, there might be a wrong configuration of the Apache Server.


=>     Is there another way to upload videos besides CURL?

            Usage of the webinterface is out of question, as all uploads should be executed automatically (more than 100 videos per day planned).


=>     Is there maybe a solution like FTP upload possible?


Thank you in advance and have a nice day out there!