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Does anyone have Skype for Business 2016 Online and Lifesize cloud working?

Question asked by mtran Partner on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by michaelt


    We are trying to set up Skype for business 2016 to integrate with Lifesize cloud, and we are not able to get calls to work from SfB to LS Cloud.  We have reference the HELP section of Lifesize Cloud, and search through internet/ community with no explanation of how to configure the online SfB 2016 to work with LS Cloud.   We see recommendations on adding SRV/CNAME to the DNS; opening up firewall ports for the online SfB/Lifesize Cloud; making an allowed federated domain, but there is no details on doing any of this. 

For instance,

1. How would we know what online SfB domain/IPs to add for the firewall? 

2. Where would you add the SRV/CNAME for which DNS?  i.e. the online SfB hosted DNS server, or our internal DNS domain server?

We have allowed as a federated domain we think.. not 100% sure.


We are at wits end on this, and would really need some guidance by someone that ACTUALLY got this working.  We would really appreciate any assistance on getting the EXACT details of how to make this work.  Please no links to the Cloud HELP section.  ;OP



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