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Cloud Documentation - Requirements and Capabilities

Question asked by Expert on Jun 21, 2016
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Have you any documentation that shows the requirements for the various Cloud clients and their corresponding capabilities in terms of CPU and RAM versus resolution and bit-rates?


For example, for a Windows based Cloud client:


  • What is the minimum requirements in terms of CPU, RAM and graphics?
  • Does this vary depending upon OS? For example, the Lync client uses DXVA2 for decoding video that is only supported by Win 8 onwards; does the Cloud client use specific OS related features?
  • Does the Windows based Cloud client take advantage of any hardware such as USB cameras that support UVC1.5 to encode H.264 video?
  • Does the Windows based Cloud client take advantage of any graphics routines? For example, the Lync client, if available, can use Intel HD graphic routines built into the latest Intel CPU’s to encode H.264 video in hardware?
  • Does the Windows based Cloud client
  • What is maximum resolution and bit-rate supported by the Windows based Cloud client and is this depend upon CPU, RAM etc?


Similarly, what are the requirements and limitations for Android and iOS based devices running the Cloud client. This is especially important when considering the Cloud client running on Smartphones and how it is effected by using 3G/4G (and the variation in available bandwidth).


Have Lifesize published any information or tables showing requirements versus capabilities and limitations?


Knowing the above would be useful so that you can set customer expectations as to what specific devices are capable of providing.


Thank you.