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methods to retrieve videocenter access token programmatically?

Question asked by dameade04 on Jun 22, 2016

In our efforts to leverage VideoCenter behind an in-house webapp, looking for guidance with the


We have successfully used the “session” option from a browser, to obtain an access token, which presently in
test, is hard-coded in the application to enable videocenter API usage. 


Is there a way to leverage the incoming, authenticated, HTTP “session” coming in to a 3rd party web app, and make a grant_type=session call to the videocenter API from that 3rd party app, using credentials from the authenticated session?


The developer noted cookies “sessionid” and “csrftoken” – and is going to try to have the web app get those from the incoming authenticated SSO request, and send them on to videocenter in the access token request to see if that works.

What exactly does the “session” option use to determine that the user is authenticated?  Looking for recommendations on ways to retrieve the access token programmatically without knowing the user’s password.


(We've opened a case with LS for their feedback, but wanted to open the question up to Community and the folks who may have done this type of work.)