PDF for Guest Users for How To Sign In

Discussion created by chris.frace Partner on Jun 24, 2016
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Could we create a 1-sheet PDF on how to sign on as a guest user for the first time? The purpose is to give Lifesize customers more comfort when inviting a guest that is unfamiliar with Lifesize. It could be a vendor, partner, customer, client, or someone within their network that the customer values.


PDF - How Guests Sign On to Lifesize, Made Simple and Easy


Hi there,


You recently received an invitation to join a call on Lifesize. For extra support, here are the instructions on how to sign in quickly and easily.


Your email or calendar invitation should look something like this:


[Sample Invitation]


Your extension is:_______


If you have Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, copy/paste the link, type your name, and the extension right from the browser. You will not need to download the Lifesize app.


If you don't have Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, or you plan on using Lifesize frequently, download the app here:


[Link to download Lifesize Cloud]


Launch the app. You will sign in as a "Guest User", NOT a "Registered User". Type your name, and the extension.


Your extension again is:_______