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Fetch Directory Entries of LS Icon 600 / 800 using API

Question asked by mmwaseem Partner on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by lotus



I'm trying to fetch the entire directory from LS Icon 600 / 800 using API available at http://ip_address_of_icon/docs/json/.


May be I'm overlooking some vital piece of information here. So far I've tried few formats based on my JSON, database and PHP scripting language background. 


rbsh> Directory beginQuery "1"

ERROR: -3 (resulted in error)


rbsh> Recents_Directory beginQuery "1"


  "_rv": 3 (result corresponds to number of time query executed)



I'm getting the whole directory and meeting entries using CLI and also Camera control using API so communication between controller and LifeSize device is looks intact. 


I understand the associated help available for each command and API documentation, still I can't figure out the format to fetch the directory entries using API.


Please let me know the format of query to make the string correctly and to get entire directory.