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Lifesize machines not rebooting automatically

Question asked by hbrown1017 on Jul 1, 2016
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Hey everyone,


I'm new to the forums so I hope that I posted this in the right place. I've been learning to use the Lifesize command line and have the autoreboot set to "on 5,30,00" on multiple machines. When I go in the command line to check the uptime in the morning for each machine, they all show different uptimes.


Icon600 (LS1): 2,4,15,45

Icon600 (LS2): 0,22,53,48

Icon400 (LS3): 0,5,11,25 (set to on 4,45,00)

Icon400 (LS4): 1,4,29,1


The only one that seems to be autorebooting is LS3 and all are using the current build version (2.10.0).


What else needs to be done for these  machines to reboot when scheduled?


Any help or guidance would be appreciated!