Lifesize Cloud app will not launch on Windows PC with FIPS enabled

Discussion created by sallen Employee on Jul 29, 2016

If you are having issues launching the Lifesize Cloud applications on a Windows PC this may be due to FIPS being enabled. FIPS stands for “Federal Information Processing Standards.” It’s a set of government standards that define how certain things are used in the government–for example, encryption algorithms. FIPS defines certain specific encryption methods that can be used, as well as methods for generating encryption keys.  “FIPS mode” doesn’t make Windows more secure. It just blocks access to newer cryptography schemes that haven’t been FIPS-validated. That means it won’t be able to use new encryption schemes, or faster ways of using the same encryption schemes. In other words, it makes your computer slower, less functional, and arguably less secure. (How to Geek)


The cryptography scheme we use for encrypting login information is not recognized by FIPS and it is blocked when FIPS is enabled.  It is recommended to disable FIPS as it has been found to be problematic and does not generally add any additional security.


This page has instructions on how to disable FIPS


And this is information from the Microsoft blog explaining why they recommend disabling it.