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Audio attenuation issue of the Express 220 on the UVC Multipoint

Question asked by Expert on Aug 1, 2016

Hi All,

Is there anyone who has experienced a similar problem of the following?    If so - how did you solve it?

During the call between UVC multipoint and Express 220, sometimes sound becomes very small for a couple of seconds, and then returns back to normal.

While one site of conference speaks continuously, output sound at the other sites are attenuated for short time, and then back to normal. It will happen about 3 minuutes-4 minutes later after begin to speak.  It is not a sound intermittent.  Although audio loudness is getting small, it can be heard at very small sound.


This issue happens connected to a UVC Multipoint meeting.
The customer had been using Bridge 2200 before they migrated to the UVC MP.  This problem did not happen before migration.

All of Lifesize device in the network are experiencing this issue.
Audio source is dual MicPod with splitter. We tested with single MicPod, but same problem happens still.


Version of facilities are as follows;
Express 220s : 4.12.0, 5.0.3, 5.0.7, and 5.0.9.
UVC Multipoint PLT3.1.0(3) MP2.0.1(57)


I had submitted this issue to the support.  The support engineer insisted there were packet losses when this problem occurred, but the relation between the problem and the packet loss cannot be confirmed.
If a packet loss is the cause of this problem, I wonder why same problem did not occur on the Bridge 2200.


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