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How can I remove future "abandoned" meetings in UVC Manager's schedule?

Question asked by knowledge=key on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by michaelt

I've done some test recordings between two endpoints connected manually on our bridge 2200 (on-demand conference). That might not be the cause of the issue but I thought it would be worth to mention. The other possible cause could be infrastructure maintenance because I cannot trace the exact time of occurence.


All our futur scheduled meetings planned to connect on that MCU have been replicated. UVC manager's schedule now shows the same meeting twice on the same date. The original meeting is in "abandoned" state and can viewed but not modified nor deleted.


The meeting's copy seems to come from the bridge scheduler because of the manual connection settings and the absence of an organizer's name. It is "active" but cannot be modified in any way. UVC Manager is giving the message "One or more participants are busy in other meeting".


I'm only the operator and so I have limited infrastructure permissions. Could you help us to search for the cause, suggest any workaround or explain how to delete those abandoned meetings?