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Lifesize Cloud Installation issue (Win 10)

Question asked by johnosorio Partner on Aug 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by johnosorio

Hi Guys,


Good day! Just wondering if anyone has come across this kind of issue. When I tried re-installing the latest version of Cloud, it keeps giving me this error:


But when I reboot the computer however, upon boot up, it shows the Lifesize Cloud app as if it installed correctly. But whenever I try to do test calls, I cannot see the far end but the far end participants can see me. I can see my self-view which indicates that the webcam is working fine. I also tried changing back the webcam drivers to the generic Microsoft one with the same result.


Ultimately I think this is the result of the installation error. I've worked with their IT department where we tried disabling the anti-virus but still giving us the same error.


Here are some more photos:




I also tried installing using the MSI file from the management console. If someone has encountered this issue before and fixed it please let me know. Thanks guys. Cheers.