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Help with a LifeSize Bridge... it just get slow...

Question asked by juancrm Partner on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by michaelt

Hi, our customer has a LifeSize Bridge 2200 with extension to 48 participants.... they have a problem... the unit needs a reboot at the end of each meeting to work properly... ( the MCU is under warranty until december 2.016)


If they didnot make the reboot... the unit works fine and can make conferences but for 2 hours later.... it starts to get slow.... and suddenly it removes participants... and the quality of the meetings (video and sound) decreases.....


We have seen that there is a command to periodically reboot the unit....

                    To correct a memory problem in which the bridge locked up and required a reboot periodically, you can now run                     the adminsh command set hawk . (HE-7515)

(in this document:…  )


We have these questions:

- How often do we have to reboot the unit?

- How can we use the HAWK command....? where we can see its syntaxis?

- It is possible to upgrade the memory inside the LifeSize Bridge?

- Is this problem ( the memory issue) the reason of this behavior?

- It there any other way to avoid this behavior?


Please help us.