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External Calls

Question asked by wernerts on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by michaelt

Good afternoon, We are currently experiencing a problem with external calls to make calls to numbers with public IP takes 5 minutes to bring the return of audio and video. Could anyone help us? We currently have the following structure , UVC 3350 server with multipoint service activated this has only LAN range and UVC 1150 server with ClearSea service manager and activated in this LAN has range on eth0 and DMZ ( 172.16.xx ) on eth1 for making a NAT DMZ track the default gateway points to DMZ ( ) . Manager 10.203.x.x ClearSea LAN 10.203.x.x External 172.16.x.x.x ( NAT) Routers : //


Attached is the problem