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SSH admin password not working and whitelist (Anti-Spam on R4.10.0 Express220)

Question asked by aprakash Partner on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by rick



I have an issue with an Express 220 (software R4.10.0 - no longer with AMS)  where I am to implement anti-spam feature. I understand this can be done by upgrading the Express 220 to min version of 5.0.4 but currently not authorized.

However, I would like to know if it is possible to implement a whitelist from CLI using SSH as follows:


For vendor IDs:

set whitelist enable

set whitelist vendorIds 41242|18|21|172|256|9009|11520|17484|44547|49512

set whitelist sipCtrlEnable


I am having issues with SSH connection  with admin password getting denied even though I can access via HTTP (SSH allowed) and also managed to changed the password using auto/lifesize access and using command:

$ set admin password "new password"

But still unable to log into system via SSH using the new admin password set via HTTP or CLI


Is it still possible to setup a whitelist on a V4.10.0  Express 220 or will this need upgrading to minimum software version 5.0.4?


If it does need upgrading, I would like to know how to upgrade the AMS which expired in 2012?