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Software upgrade ICON600 after maintence license has ended

Question asked by johanj on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by tdodson



I bought a 2nd hand lifesize ICON 600 set. It is on software version LS_RM3_1.3.2 (2)


On the software download page I can see that, based on the system serial number, it can be upgraded to 2.9.1 (2.10.0 is "Not Authorized")

The maintenance license ended April 2016. The system is connected to the internet and I can ping from it.

I downloaded 2.9.1 and tried to install 2.9.1 it but I ended up in an error 18 (license server is unavailable)

The system boots from LS_RM3_1.3.2 again. But now I have only one valid boot image left, the alternate build version is empty . (I used to have 2 build versions, both LS_RM3_1.3.2 )


What went wrong? Is it because of the expired maintenance license? Or was the license server really unavailable?

How can I copy my existing LS_RM3_1.3.2 to the alternate boot location?


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