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Audio Delay for Dial In Participents

Question asked by on Sep 22, 2016
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I have noticed audio only meetings have a delay that they have not experienced with similar audio conferencing services. The delay appears to be introduced when ever a dial in (non VC/App/Web) participant is in a conference.


More and more of my users are complaining about the audio delay, talking over each other, etc and have for a few months. I've just logged a ticket because we believe something must be wrong somewhere and the issue hasn't gone away.


I think it is happening to ALL numbers in Australia and I think the same is happening with overseas dial-in participants as well (but am waiting for double confirmation on this).


Most of our conferences are with Australian based users and while a some are joining via VC/App/Browser, there is nearly always someone via dial in. When that happens it ruins the conference for everyone.


Can't stop people dialling in so I hope this issue can be resolved.


What others experience are with this? I would love to hear some feedback from others.