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Icon 600 Presentation Audio Issue

Question asked by sikooi Partner on Oct 16, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by michaelt

We found an audio issue recently on the Icon 600 when the Icon 600 was integrated with external audio mixer. More than 10 Icon 600 were call in to the UVC MCU, 4 sites were sending presentation with audio. When they sent the presentation with audio, all other sites received audio with up and down volume. And the up and down volume was very obviously. It happened to all the 4 sites which sending presentation. The microphone and presentation audio were sent from the external audio mixer. Command "Audio setForceLineInMic on" was applied.


1. We have tried the command Audio setIntegratedAudio on and off, but it wouldn't help.

2. We have tried to disconnect the 2nd gen phone, and connected only the external audio mixer, but it wouldn't help.

3. We have tried to connect the presentation audio directly from laptop using HDMI and audio IN, but it wouldn't help.

4. The worst thing was, we have tried to reset the Icon 600, and set it up in a basic deployment, microphone from 2nd gen phone, presentation audio from laptop (tried both HDMI and audio IN) and no external audio mixer involved, but same issue happened.

5. We have tried call point to point, same issue happened, but, it was solved if the far end was muted their mic. Test and test few times, and confirmed if far end mic mute will solved the problem. Tried again with all Icon 600 called to the UVC MCU, all sites with mic mute excepted presenter, but same issue happened again.


Icon600 firmware version: 2.10.0

UVC MCU firmware version: 3.1.0


Anybody having this kind of issue here? Thank you.