Surface Hub quality negotiation

Discussion created by pnobels on Oct 20, 2016
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i'm noticing the following behaviour in our environment.

Setup : Microsoft Surface Hub, Polycom HDX 7000,


When a Microsoft Surface Hub dials into a Lifesizecloud virtual meetingroom, it takes some time to negotiate the best picture quality.  It starts out blurry and after some seconds we get something like hd 720.


I remarked that when there is a second member already in the virtual meetingroom, this negotiation process never ends successfully.  In other words, the other side keeps seeing the blurry video.  If they hangup the call, i can see on the Surface Hub's screen the video is indeed blurry.


Same thing if a second member dials in before the Surface Hub's negotiation process has ended.  They see a blurry video.


Has somebody else remarked similar behaviour?