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Several question regarding to Lifesize Cloud Enterprise Subscription Plan

Question asked by verayan Expert on Nov 3, 2016
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I have  several question: client has the following situation:

Due to the expansion of the company's business,  the employee has increased, now they need to increase the cloud account.But before that they had ordered the Cloud Enterprise500, and now they want to add 30 accounts.How to operate, or how to purchase in order to they could share the same directory?



2.For this " ten hours of Lifesize Cloud Amplify–our recording and sharing solution, SSO (Single Sign-on) and more!" ,

I have questions: 1.How many people can video-on-demand  at the same time? 2.How many people can record at the same time? 3.Whether the hardware terminal equipment can be set on  video-on-demand function,for example Icon 600...