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Slow mouse input during LifeSize Cloud presentation

Question asked by jhumphrey6487 on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by sallen

We are having a weird issue and it only occurs when presenting through LifeSize Cloud. It happens when we are on a call or even when just using the system to present the screen in our conference room for local attendees. When the computer is connected through the LifeSize system the mouse input is extremely "floaty" aka it has an extremely small delay in movement by the user vs when the mouse moves on the screen. This causes a ton of frustration for my users as they have to take longer to move the mouse around and get it into the correct position. When I hook the computer direct up to the monitor or projector this lag or delay is gone. Has anyone else experienced this issue with the cloud product or on premise product? Not sure where to go next in getting this resolved. I've tried different mice and tried different ranges from the computer neither of which have made a difference.