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Question asked by adeline Partner on Oct 27, 2016
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My customer is looking for on-demand video server for their staffs.

They want to upload their recorded video to video center and let their staffs to login and view the video.

They need the system, to be able to provide the following:-

  1. Usage report based on Username (Username based on Active Directory) - yes
  2. User tracking – Based on the duration user view the video - yes
  3. Total view hours for the video - yes
  4. Survey – Create set of question for user to go through - no
  5. Support Mobile and Laptop platforms - yes
  6. Like and Dislike (Optional) - no. however support comment.


I just want to check whether the features which are available for direct recorded video to VC, also available for uploaded video (mp4 & mov). Features are : commenting, add caption, add chapter, view statistic & etc.


I just do a test,, it seems all the features available for direct recorded video, also available for uploaded video. But, i found the uploaded video playback is not as smooth as recorded video (i.e.: buffering taking longer time, video stop playback). May i know what's the max resolution for uploaded video? Or as long as it meets required support format and codec, then it should be able to work? Any other limitation for uploaded video?


Appreciate your advice. 

Thank you