No more technical talk, let's get to what matters.

Discussion created by abdcoloma Partner on Nov 1, 2016
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If we imagine, the fact that competition may have the same level of professional talent, the same technologies, organization and etc ... if the competition can match us, which is our differential?

Our differential is exactly the vision perceived by the customer.
And this vision is achieved simply by treating the clients with warmth, empathy and passion.

I'm not here saying that the customer need has been identified, and that the best solution was presented.

That's the basics, is the minimum, just our obligation.

I'm talking about the human side, attention and respect.

After all we are not here offering services or products. We are here offering benefits. Who does not realize that... it's already ruined.

A new car are not, motor and gears. A new car means status... is the smell of new.
ICONs and LFCloud are not hardware's and software's... its time, relationships getting closer, efficiency getting improved, the community may help with more examples.

We cant buy time and all those others benefits. That is what will win the admiration and loyalty of our customers. The vision perceived.

As said Sam Walton, founder of the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart:
"Only one boss exists: THE CUSTOMER. And he can fire all the people of the company, from the president to janitor, just taking his money to spend elsewhere. "

So that's the role,  irreplaceable, of the sales team.



Best regards from Brazil.

Alexandre Coloma