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IE webapp issues with USB microphones?

Question asked by mgeoffriau on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by michaelt

I have noticed that while the Chrome webapp works very reliably with every camera and microphone I have tried, the IE webapp has recurring issues.


1. No matter what microphone is selected, I never see a microphone level meter that allows me to test the microphone's function.


This is what the Chrome web app looks like:


And this is what the IE 11 webapp looks like:


With no microphone level meter, it's impossible for guests to test their microphone prior to joining the call.


2. Inconsistent functionality with USB microphones.


I have also noticed that the IE webapp is very inconsistent with USB (and possibly other types of) microphones. I can place a test call in Chrome with full microphone functionality with both a USB headset as well as the microphone built into the USB webcam. But if I close that webapp and place a test call in the IE webapp, neither microphone works at all -- they show up in the selectoin list, and I can select them, but no sound is transmitted.


Anyone else experiencing similar issues with the IE webapp?