Whats the deal with Mini Caller View?

Discussion created by jwinterbottom on Nov 21, 2016
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Hi All,


Can someone explain to me how mini caller view is designed to work?  I have had times when it automatically appears when you double click outside of your video window and other times that you have to go to the view menu and then enable it manually.  I understand what its for but every now and then, I get complaints from people that their meeting control buttons are gone because they don't realize they are looking at the mini caller view and not the main lifesize cloud window.  I find that people close lifesize cloud which doesn't terminate the call so they can open the program they want to share.  Somehow, they manage to get into the mini caller view and then get confused when none of their meeting control buttons are present.  Would it not make sense to add a button on the main window while in a call to open and close a resizable preview window? I don't understand how sometimes it just magically appears and other times, you have to go into the menu to get it to appear.