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Local presentation is not scaled to full screen

Question asked by joost on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by kpinkham

Hi, does anybody have a solution for this issue?



The image from a laptop connected to the vcu is not scaled to the bezel from the 65" screen, a border is visible on all sides.

While comparing with our other E220 I found it has the same issue. I never noticed it because the screens are 46" so the black border is smaller, but it is about the same size/ratio as the large screens.


Express 220, dual 65" screen, Lenovo x250 vga&displayport.


- According to the E220 the DVI-I input is VGA 1280x720/60, and display 1 & 2 HD 1980x1080p30.

- The video output from the laptop is configured as an extended desktop.

- According to the 'Intel HD Graphics Control Panel' the display-out on the laptop is 1280x720/60p.

- Connecting by VGA-DVI adapter or minidisplayport-DVI adapter gives same result

- The size of the image I estimate at 1600x900 on the 1980x1080 screen