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HP/ArcSoft WebCam Sharing driver interferes with Desktop App?

Question asked by Partner on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by jpeary

Hi everybody,


During an installation one of the customer's employee's ran into a weird problem where he would set up a call with an Icon 400 and after a first few seconds of his image shown in 16:9  on the Icon's display it would change to 4:3, sometimes with flashing bars with remnants of the initial picture on the sides of the new 4:3 image.


The call statistics on the Desktop App show that indeed initially a full HD call is negotiated and set up but drops down to 640x480 quickly afterwards. There is plenty of bandwidth available on the customer's internet connection.


The customer's laptop is an HP and it has an HP-specific driver that allows the camera to be shared between multiple applications, aka ArcSoft WebCam Sharing Driver.


Anybody seen this behaviour before?


Another fun artifact is seen when the customer mutes his video during the time it is at 4:3; the flashing bars are still seen on both sides of the black box with the mute symbol on the Icon 400. I have attached a short clip that shows the behaviour.


None of this behaviour is seen when using the Web App, btw.