Issues Live Streaming Calls From Video Centre

Discussion created by jwinterbottom on Nov 28, 2016
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Hi All,


This got zero traction when I first made this post but I'm trying again. For the life of me, I cant figure out why this hasn't been looked into or redesigned.


If I'm live streaming a call from an icon with content sharing to video centre and the far end leaves the call, video centre continues to record but disables video of the host endpoint and only records the content for some reason.  Is there an explanation as to why the host endpoint that initiates the recording cannot share video and content after a far end caller disconnects?


Think of the following scenario...


If one of our faculty members is holding a live streaming event and presenting from an icon system and has a guest speaker calling in over video for a presentation, if that guest speaker leaves the call when their presentation is done, the remainder of the stream will only record content with audio only from the icon; video centre will not switch back to sharing video and content of the icon system after that caller leaves.


Even stranger, if the far end is sending the content and leaves the call, it tears down the entire stream/recording.  We do information sessions/conferences and stream them over video centre from time to time and little issues like this make it incredibly confusing for our clients to know what to expect when holding events like this.  When it comes to live streaming, this process really needs to be simplified as the last thing I need is someones live streamed event having to be restarted because a video participant left a call or video is no longer displaying because a video participant left the call.  I can't expect my clients to know how to properly do this if I don't know myself.


In my opinion, an icon system recording should take precedence over anything else.  I can easily see a remote presenter leaving the call without stopping their presentation, doing this should not affect the recording from the icon system, it should remain until someone physically stops the recording.  Video and content being displayed from an icon system in a recording should also not be affected by a caller on the other end disconnecting.  I dare someone to try these scenarios with people watching on the streaming side, its messy and needs to be fixed.