Best way for Google calendar integration with lifesize cloud

Discussion created by etravi Partner on Nov 29, 2016
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Dear lifesize cloud Community ,


Y tried to integrate one of my endpoints with  Google calendar as a resource with no success.

I have Google Aps for Work in the company, and the right way to schedule a device is by creating a resource account for that device or meeting room.

Take a look at this article: About calendar resources (rooms, etc) - G Suite Administrator Help

These resource accounts look like this:

They don't belong to a user, as rooms are not users, so calendar integration should support this way and avoid the user type email accounts to schedule a room.

What I'm describing is the standard way for the majority of enterprise worplace scheduling systems.

Actually, I can mention a few that we are partnering like Crestron, ResourceXpress, Evoko, etc.

Rooms and devices are resources, not users, so once you find the time for your meeting and you add it to Google calendar and to the meeting room with  "Lifesize's add on for Google Calendar" you have to add the Room or devica as a resource that will be listed in the right side of the screen. Take a look at the attached screenshot.

Only available resources will be listed (Great thing!) and as they're not users, tere will be no emailing to invite them, as they don't have to confirm anything.


Is there anybody else using google calendar for meeting room and AV resources reservation?


Please keep this in mind for your next update of this function.