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Email dialing from Skype for business

Question asked by sdemets Partner on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by sistelecom

Hi all,


Now that Skype for business works both ways with Lifesize (yay!), let's take it a step further.

One of my customers is very happy with the S4B and Lifesize compatibility and uses it a lot. However, he has set up his external DNS to allow for email dialing into Lifesize cloud. You know, like in this article: Enabling email dialing.

Here is the issue. When a S4B users wants to call them, they still need to use the address because the email dialing doesn't work, because S4B looks for different records in the DNS to establish a connection.

As far as I know all he needs to add in his external DNS are CNAME records for sip.<domain>, sipexternal.<domain> and lyncdiscover.<domain> (where <domain> is the customers domain) pointing to the edge servers, in our case If this is wrong, please correct me on this, it hasn't been tested yet.

The only unknown is: does Lifesize support email dailing from S4B clients?

So, Lifesize, do ya?


Thanks for any replies and thoughts,