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Lifesize Cloud Client Registration

Question asked by andy.wornsie Partner on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by andy.wornsie

HI All

Hope someone can help? I'm an Installer and have recently installed an Icon 600 and 400 both of which are on the cloud service. I had to talk to a client over the phone re registering and getting the system online all of which i have never seen what our client gets in way of emails after a demo etc.


What I'm asking is if anyone out there could send me a copy / guide of what email a client would get after they had a demo of cloud (i hear there is a link in an email they must click to take them through to register?) Also once we gave the web browser address which appears with the code when activating the endpoint where does this take the client ive never seen how or where they input the code that the end point gives you to register to the cloud.


Sounds messy sorry any help appreciated i just don't want to sound confused when i'm on the phone to a client trying to talk through


Thanks very much