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Express220's Auto disconnection by session to VideoCenter

Question asked by tomokiohshita Expert on Jan 4, 2017

This may be a strange question, Could anyone advise me?


I am setting up VideoCenter and auto recording system using Express220.

-Express 220 will be in the data center, no camera and no mic, I call it encorder endpoint.

-Exp220's auto record function is enabled and recording layout is far only. If customer want to record the conference, he or she just adds this encorder endpoint to their conference.


Here is one problem. There are some posibble cases that Express220 is still connected to the conference but recording has been stopped already.

    -If the conference over VideoCenter's max recording duration, Exp220 is just connected to the conference as one of partisipant.

   -If many Exp220s start to recording simaltaniusly(actually this customer have 7 Exp220 as encorder.), sometimes some of them  cannot be recoding status and just are connected to the conference as one of partisipant.


The setting what I am looking for is to interlock E220's conference session and VideoCenter session. And I know that auto recording setting is right setting for the start. So I need to the setting for the ending.


Can someone help me?