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Polycom HDX 8000 calling to LifesizeCloud

Question asked by jonlin Partner on Jan 5, 2017
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I had a incident today involving a call from a HDX 8000 into a virtual room on Lifesize Cloud.

The issue was that when they presented from this unit the quality on their video went WAY down.


Checked the statistics and it looks like it used all the bandwidth for the presentation and did not leave anything left for video. 

1. Tried to call in with a higher speed but this didn't help. All calls capped at 1600k.

2.  Content rate was at 1300-1500K and video at around 100-200K.


Called in to a Lifesize Bridge 2200 we got and that worked much better (see below).


Is this something between the Clearsea server and Polycom? Any ideas?


I know this is just as much a Polycom question as a Lifesize so but I am speaking with them as well regarding the system it self.





Calls Connected:
Call Speed:2112 K2112 K
Video Protocol:H.264H.264
Video Annex:------
Video Format:720p720p
Audio Protocol:G.722.1CG.722.1C
Total Packets Lost:2020
% Packet Loss:0.0 %0.0 %
Call Encryption:Disabled
Call Type:H.323
Audio Rate:48 K48 K
Video Rate:1664 K2064 K
Video Rate Used:1463 K1755 K
Video Frame Rate:50.030.0
Video Packets Lost:1714
Video Jitter:4 ms3 ms
Audio Packets Lost:36
Audio Jitter:19 ms3 ms
Maximum Audio Jitter:19 ms3 ms
Content Protocol:H.264---
Content Format:1024x768---
Content Rate:400 K
Content Rate Used:377 K---
Content Frame Rate:30.0-
Content Packets Lost:0---
Video FEC Errors:0