Wireless Microphone Setup with an Icon 600

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Good day everyone! Today I wanted to share a setup we've had the pleasure to do for a client lately that was a little different, specifically setting up an Icon 600 with a Wireless Microphone and a single screen. The location was a "secure facility" where they didn't want any cables or wires either showing or easily accessible. Our client environment was a Psychiatric facility but this could also be applicable to jail or prison facility.


Parts list:

  • 32" Samsung Commercial LED display with built-in speakers;
  • Chief LSM1U wall mount;
  • Chief FCA 801 component Shelf (above in this case, but can also be mounted below)
  • Icon 600 with 10x camera (Ordered with MicPod which wasn't used as there isn't a part number that includes the camera but not the MicPod or Phone)
  • ClearOne Dialog 20 Wireless Receiver
  • ClearOne DIALOG 20 Tabletop Transmitter Omni (sits on desk/table when needed)
  • ClearOne POE Power supply for Dialog 20
  • The Icon 600 and 10x Camera were secured to the FCA801 shelf above the display
  • The Dialog 20 is quite small and was mounted behind the display, which is why we used the Chief mount as it offers room for things like this. The Dialog 20 is powered by the POE adapter.
  • The Tabletop transmitter (Boundary Microphone) is placed on the table when needed and secured with dual-lock (think plastic velcro if you aren't familiar with it) and the table is about 8 feet away from the wall with the display/camera.
  • The Icon is controlled via the remote, which is also brought in when needed with the Microphone.
  • The Dialog 20 connects to the Mic in/Line in port on the Icon 600. Audio is routed via HD out to the display. An alternative would also be to add a sound bar to the display if additional speaker volume is required but the display we used had dual 10W speakers which for the room being used were quite sufficient.


It is important when starting up to ensure that the Microphone is in the room and on so the built-in AEC (aka echo cancellation) tone can be "heard" by the icon and work properly, but we found that once setup we could remove the MNic from the room and bring it back in and it still worked fine, its just if the icon reboots (like after an auto-update by Cloud for example) that you have the Mic present or reboot the Icon. The display should also be turned on so the Icon can "hear" the tone from the audio test.


I hope this helps anyone else out there who might want/need a similar setup. Any questions, feel free to email me directly or post here!!




Rich De Brino