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More than 2 of Express220s v4.12 cannot start recording/streaming at the sametime with VideoCenter with NAS.

Question asked by tomokiohshita Expert on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by tomokiohshita

If I do starting recording/streaming with some of Exp220 v4.12.0, only one Exp200 can start to record/stream. and the others can be connected to conference but no session to VideoCenter.


I am doing a little special using, but some of Express 220s are called at the same time by API and connected to the same conference to provide several layout of recording/streaming.


If VideoCenter does not use NAS, this issue was not observed.

If Epress 220s are v5.0.9, this issue was not observed.


I supporse that someone has knew this issue and fixed it already. Is my guess right?