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How to remove old meetings from ClearSea

Question asked by on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by gvillardi

We have a UVC 3300 along with 4 ICON 600 cameras in our company. I had left on vacation, and when I got back our network structure had been revamped. They just unplugged the 3300, and all the associated IP Addresses were no longer valid. I have updated the :

Platform -  LS_UVC_3.1.0(3)

,Manager - LS_MS_1.4.0(94)

ClearSea -  LS_CS_5.0.14(53)

Multipoint - LS_MP_2.0.153)
ICON 600 - LM_RM3_2.10.0(1981)
I have deleted all the old users and meetings from ClearSea, but I still have several old Directory Entries showing up.
I cannot find these old entries anywhere to delete them.
If I am starting a meeting from the ICON 600 I only see the two Conferences that I created.
When I open the ClearSea Client from my computer I see the old entries along with my new users.
Any suggestions on how to find and delete these old ones?