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Bluetooth for phone

Question asked by Expert on Feb 15, 2017
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As I was playing with other audio systems, I have found that customers really love the "gadget"-ish of audio solutions, like having Bluetooth options for the phone, pair it with their smartphones/tablets and just use the audio device as a conference speaker or just playing some background music while waiting for the conference atendees.

As the Lifesize phone proved it's efficiency both in microphone and speaker quality, I was thinking that it would be a nice thing to have bluetooth feature also for this purpose.

Also, I have found the need to be able to share presentations not only through cable, but also "over air". I know this is an already discussed topic, but it's requested over wi-fi - why not make it possible over bluetooth also?

My feeling with Lifesize which I like very much is the easiness of use, not only by tech people, but every kind of people. So, why not make it easier for audio pairing and presenantion sharing also?