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LifeSize Video Client 9.0.117 memory bloats and crashes

Question asked by bob.stokes on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by michaelt

Hi there,


I am using LifeSize video client on Window 10 Pro. Version 9.0.117. I use to join global LifeSize meetings with entirely on-prem infrastructure. I use a Dell 7370 with Intel Core m7 CPU, 8GB memory, 64 bit OS.


As soon as I get on a call, I have noticed consistent behavior of steep memory bloat to a point where no more free memory left, video freezes and a few mins later audio stops and then application crashes. I have to restart and rejoin the call.


With usual tools like Chrome, Microsoft Office running on my machine, the client bloats up to 1.3GB when freezing and crashing occurs. Any ideas on the resolution?